Individual Track

One Instrument

Learning, charting out music & recording one individual instrument track for example: piano, bass or drums, usually takes about 1 to 2 hrs. ​Editing, mixing & mastering takes about

1hr for a single track.

Flat Fee


Concert Stage

Full Song

7-10+ Instruments

To record an entire song including background vocals & percussion usually takes a full day including editing, mixing & mastering

Flat Fee


Double Bass Player

Jazz Duo/Trio/


Piano / Bass / Drums / Guitar

Strings & Percussion can be added by request at no additional cost. David will work with you to get the style and arrangement you want.



Stacks of Records



Medleys are parts of different songs usually 3 or more played one after the other. Most often found in pop music and musical theater overtures. David will help you arrange and create great sounding medleys of any style or genre. 

Flat Fee


Video Shoot



Adding your music track to video for any special occasion such as a promo, advertising, live gig, wedding, anniversary, graduation or just for fun is a great way to showcase your project. David works with FinalCutPro Video Editing Software and can make your project shine! For examples click our MultiMedia page.



Composing Music



Writers block can prevent you from finding that one word, phrase, or chord you've been looking for to complete your song. David will help guide you in the right direction so that you feel proud and confident to share your song to the public. Listen to Originals on our Track Page to hear David's collaboration or visit, Colleen Bartlett.

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Hourly Rate


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