What's Unique?

Unique Backing Tracks is for anyone looking to use solid professional music tracks for their performance, demo, rehearsal or multimedia project. No matter what the need,

we make it happen "Uniquely" for you. 


We can uniquely arrange, customize and create your backing tracks for any genre of music including but not limited to jazz, pop, rock, spiritual & originals.

What sets us apart from other competitors is one man, David James GuidiceEVERYTHING you hear on these tracks was recorded, created, arranged and produced by David. He is a multitalented musician with a BM in Jazz Piano Performance & Contemporary Media from Eastman School of Music. 


Nothing compares to recording in a real studio with live musicians however, it can become quite expensive. The invested time and money it would cost for a recording session, David can do in one day by himself. He's quick, efficient, professional and produces a great product for a very reasonable price. 


If he feels a project is too difficult to replicate or complete, he will contract out real musicians to record for example; horns, reeds, guitars or vocals. He will also work with the client on specific keys, arrangements, medleys and styles. 

Many solo artists use backing tracks but not every song can be found on the web. Unique Backing Tracks provides the resources to create a music track to whatever song & style you want. For example: A Beatles song but in the style of a Bossa Nova or Jazz Swing, a Pop song with just piano accompaniment or a Rock song with just bass and drums. The possibilities 

are endless and you can get it done here. 

Unique Backing Tracks is also a great way for singer / songwriters to record original material at a low cost until they are ready to invest in real studio time. David has collaborated with several artists helping jump start their original projects. 

Our Unique Pricing page has all the details of projects we can produce. Fill out the form and David will respond within 24 hrs to get your Unique Backing Track rolling!!

We look forward to working with you. 


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